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Transportable 70 sq homes

A bespoke solution for relocatable homes.

Our homes are built to a very high standard with high quality finishings and fittings by Terranova Building. 

Our 70sq transportable homes can be moved from our Cambridge facilities to almost anywhere within the North Island of New Zealand.

Why 70sq homes?

Well designed and crafted, 70 Sq Designs are the perfect solution for your accommodation needs. With the rise in popularity in smaller living lifestyles like tiny houses and guest accommodation, and growing families, these transportable homes are a great solution! We have created a stylish living space that will suit all seasons.

Each relocatable build comes fully lined and finished inside; including flooring, recessed LED and pendant lighting; tiled bathroom; a fully-equipped kitchen installed. All you have to do is plumb and wire it in once the transportable home reaches its desired location. A complete interior design service with Juls can be added on to make the most out of your new home.

Blending the beauty of interior design and quality building, our show home is set to inspire your tiny home dreams.

Our beautiful show home is tucked away on French Pass Road, Cambridge. Call Sean to book your visit on 0275 458 981.